4 kids in matching long sleeve crab shirts play in the ocean waves.
Kids in matching white tee shirts play in the ocean waves.


Gratitude for life's special moments

Bask in the Blu is a mantra, a lifestyle, and a movement of gratitude for even the tiny moments in our lives: from a quiet cup of coffee in the morning to a successful fishing trip, Basking in the Blu is any moment of self-content or delight. The phrase helps us focus on the little things in life: A sunset with family, board games with friends, sitting on the beach, eating a great bowl of gumbo.

Basking in the Blu has infinite meanings, only restricted by your chosen definition. With your definition, Bask in the Blu could bring about a feeling of coziness, excitement, adventure, or tranquility.

 Bask in the Blu is the joyful feeling of absolute awareness of ourselves and our emotions. These moments are when we appreciate the world or people around us, just stopping and mentally saying, “Wow, I love doing this.” Basking in the Blu can be anything, no matter what. If it gives you that magical feeling of pure bliss and inner peace, it’s Basking in the Blu. #baskintheblu